Sunday, July 28, 2013

Van Gogh in Provence. Van Gogh Exhibition in Arles.

The Van Gogh Fondation of Arles is currently closed for works. An heritage building was indeed bought back and renovation is currently going on with a planned re-opening in the spring of 2014.

And it's now official, the Grand re-opening will include a Van Gogh paintings' exhibition in collaboration with the Amsterdam Van Gogh's museum.

I dont have more information as for the time being but might know better by mid September.

In the meantime, the Arles Fondation organised a terrific street exhibition for the summer. Check for yourself. The show is supposed to finish soon but I guess some of the painting will stay on for a while.

For more information about the Van Gogh Fondation
check here

Nuages Exhibition in Musee Reattu Arles

If not for its modern art exhibition, I always recommend taking the time to visit the gorgeous Musee Reattu in Arles.

Home of the former Malta order "prieuré" buitl in the late XIVth Century, i love the feeling of travelling back in the past.

Located next to the Constantin Spa house and to the Rhône river, the musée also had the chance to be given some works by Picasso when he stayed in Arles.

It is now a museum dedicated to modern art and this year's exhibition is names "Nuages", i.e. Clouds, it talks for itself and is indicated from the outside.

Allow 1/2 to 1hr to visit the museum, check the gargoils, feel the spirit, learn a bit more about the Malta Order and more.

Exhibition until october 31st 2013.
open 11am to 7pm everyday but Mondays
Entrance 8€ (free every first sunday on the month)
link to the museum site in French only

The Museum from the outside

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Rodin Exhibition in Arles

Earlier in the month I had the chance to be invited to the private opening of the wonderful Rodin Exhibition in the "Musée de l'Arles Antique" in Arles.
I was lucky enough to take a few pictures on this occasion... (tried with some clients another day and the security was right at me..... preventing me !!)

The Exhibition shows some of Rodin major works together with some statues he took for models. Pictures and drawing are also exibited.

A must see !!!

More info on 
Musée de l'Arles Antique

Tribute to Victor Hugo

Cocktail in the Roman Garden next to the Museum

Avignon Theatre Festival 2013

The Festival is one of my favourite time in year and this year's festival is surely a good one.
With 1 258 shows, you're bound to find a show you like.
For non french speaking, a good selection of danse, circus, etc is on offer.

My favourite is the Danse show by Octavio de la Rosa, "Life". Theatre du Balcon at 10.30pm. Octovia was one of the danseur étoile of Maurice Béjart.

The circus is the Ile de la Bathelasse is also a fun place where you also can have dinner.

When going to Avignon, try to get early or around 7pm when local people are leaving the centre and allowing you to find spot to park your car. Parking des Italiens & parking de la L'Ile Piot offer a bigger number of spaces and a free shuttle to the centre.

Enjoy the last week, the festival ends up on July 31st.
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