Thursday, July 25, 2013

Avignon Theatre Festival 2013

The Festival is one of my favourite time in year and this year's festival is surely a good one.
With 1 258 shows, you're bound to find a show you like.
For non french speaking, a good selection of danse, circus, etc is on offer.

My favourite is the Danse show by Octavio de la Rosa, "Life". Theatre du Balcon at 10.30pm. Octovia was one of the danseur étoile of Maurice Béjart.

The circus is the Ile de la Bathelasse is also a fun place where you also can have dinner.

When going to Avignon, try to get early or around 7pm when local people are leaving the centre and allowing you to find spot to park your car. Parking des Italiens & parking de la L'Ile Piot offer a bigger number of spaces and a free shuttle to the centre.

Enjoy the last week, the festival ends up on July 31st.
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  1. I love the energy in the streets in Avignon during festival time...and all the street performers...and families with babies in strollers out at midnight...and all the very creative posters for all the shows...