Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pope's Palace Exhibition 2013 : "Les Papesses en Avignon"

The pope's Palace who is getting ready for the Avignon Theatre Festival just opened its new amazing exhibition Les Papesses en Avignon.
The "Papesses" are 7 women artists, including the well know sculptor Camille Claudel and works are presented in the stunning Popes" Palace and the Museum of the Collection Lambert.

I can't describe what I felt when starring at those amazing bronze of Camille Claudel and some other works I loved or I didnt really understand. But surely I saw the Popes' Palace through a new lense and enjoyed myself a lot.

I can only show some pictures of what I had the chance to chance and encourage you to spend a good couple of hours to discovery this wonderful exhibition.

The exhibition runs until Nov 11th, 2013
More details here 

On July 4th I am invited to the opening of the Rodin exhibition in Arles and that promise to be another interesting one. Will try not to forget my camera....

The palace getting ready for the Avignon Theatre Festival

L'age mur - Camille Claudel Circa 1902

L'implorante - Camille Claudel 1894

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