Friday, October 17, 2014

When is a Good Time to come in Provence

One of the most common question I get asked is : When is the best time to come to Provence ? 

Well my answer is : There is no best time to come to Provence ! I love my Provence and am so happy to live here all year long I appreciate every month.

Pending on what you are looking for, here are some hints to choose YOUR best time

January & February are the quietest month of the years and when local are taking their vacations so very quiet.

March is the start of spring and the region is filled with fruits trees in blossom, iris and wil flowers popping

April correspond to the start of the season, all restaurants and hotels will be now reopened. Roses are in flowers...

May is gorgeous with longer days, wild flowers in the field (Poppies !!!), température are usually around the 80s. It is also one of the busiest month with its bank holidays week end (May 1st, May 8th, Thursday of Ascension) so loading with French and locals craving the sun.

JUNE is the month were you can see lavender blooming, start dining outside with no sweater. Temperature can be in the 90s.

JULY is lively with all kinds of festival, Lavender not harvested before the 20th, sun flower field in full bloom... Not to forget the Tour de France who is never far away.

AUGUST is the warmest month of the year and loading with families.....

SEPTEMBER Harvest time, cooler days but still in the high 80s

OCTOBER gets a bit quieter. Temperature can still be nice but uncertain. Olive harvest by mid to end of the month.

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER are obviously colder but reasonnably. A very nice time to visit as quieter and everything is still open. Christmas is a very big thing in Provence with a lot of tradition (plenty of market around).

Poppies and Cissel early May near St Remy de Provence

Jasmin bush in Roussillon mid May

Roses bush early May in the Luberon

Olive tree flowers early May

Lavender and Iris in the background Mid May

Almond in St Paul de Mausole mid May

April in Provence Scottish broom

Poppies field in April

Wild Flowers in April

Busy Bee in Provence

Sun Flower field in Provence mid July

Lavender field in Roussillon early July

Walking in Alpilles in April

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