Monday, December 8, 2014

A day in the Luberon :after Oppedes MENERBES

Driving from Oppedes, Menerbes is clearly signposted and is located about 10mn drive.
Roads are narrow and bendy but usually not much traffic. One of the perfect scenic road where to stop and shoot the perfect pictures of true Provence.

Reaching Ménerbes, look out to the left when the road is going down and you'll have a perfect view  of the Village (sorry looks like I cant find the pictures I took).

Arriving in the village from Oppede, drive through the village and you'll see a nice free car park to your left as you exit the village.

You are now in Peter Mayle's country ! He has now moved out and lives nearby Aix if I remember correctly.

Ménerbes is a cute village to stroll around.

From the car park, go back to the village.
Pass this wonderful building to your left
Main building at the entrance of Ménerbes

Follow the main street and the second street on your right (going down). Stop at the bakery for a little home made cookie. At the bottom of the street, look to the left at the church whose religious cross and sculpture were destroyed during French Revolution. The Church is usually closed but still fonctionning. Take now the street on your right going up.You have now reached the  Town Hall square. Smashing view over the Valley under the arches to your right and the nice Truffle museum and wine cellar in front of you.
In the Truffle museum you can get to learn a bit more about this mushroom, buy some truffle or just enjoy the terrasse of the restaurant. The place offer a lunch menu around 26€ and a truffle menu around 45€.
The garden is a must for me, for the view and the superb iron sculpture of a woman.
In the bassment a wine shop where you can taste many of the local wines, preferably rosé to my taste.

The truffle museum

The garden of the Truffle musuem

In the Garden of the Truffle museum

Partake one of the many Rosé wine from the Luberon in the cooperative shop

View of the Valley from Menerbes

Now make your way back and do not miss one of the nicest Renaissance building in front of you to your left.
Take now the street to your left.
You will soon pass by Dora Marr's house. She was one of the many Picasso girl friend and they moved together to Ménerbes after WWII in 1945. He went on to a new girl friend but she decided to spend the rest of her life until she died in the late 90s.
Artists' residence I believe the house is now for sale.

A bit further down, you'll see the ruins of the Castle. Rebuilt in the 16thC after the protestant lost the place, the castle is now a private property not opened for visit.

Notice the old Post Office from the 19th C to your right (building with red shutters).
The tiny paved street in front of you will take you back to the main street.
Do not miss the lovely "going down street" to your left at the end.

On your way to the car park stop at the Lavoir, one of the most magnificient "Wash house" that is really nicely preserved.

Ménerbes :
Allow approx 45mn to an hour
- Stroll the street
- Stop by at the Truffle musuem and wine cellar

Restaurant recommendation :
- at the truffle museum
- Light snack available by the car park. Not really fancy or exceptionnal but I love the quietness of the place and its view. Frequent change of ownership (last one in May 2014)

Snack or drink in Ménerbes

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