Friday, February 13, 2015

Foodie and History Guided Tour of Saint Remy de Provence

St. Remy is filled with artisinal food producers, working in traditional ways, keeping local food traditions alive. And luckily many of them have shops and workshops, right in the heart of the village. To give you a taste of what they offer, we're offering our most-popular full-day tour--St. Remy for Foodies--in an additional way. You can still book an artisan food tour privately any day you like--meaning you and your peeps have the driver/guide to yourself for the day. (That day includes visits to an olive mill, a goat farm/cheesemaker and a baking class.) But every Tuesday morning we'll be offering an edited version of the full-day tour...on foot...for mixed groups.  This means you'll be paired with other travelers (tours are ten people max) for a very-full, very-filling, very-fun morning!

Your guide will rendezvous with you at the Tourist Office at 10 am. And then we hit the rue running! Staying in the heart of the village (with minimal walking) we’ll roam from shop to shop, tasting homemade chocolates, cookies, nougat, flavored salts, honey, olive oils, tapenades, confitures and more. We'll pop into our favorite boulangerie, to sample some iconic French treats...and move on to a cheese tasting. The tour wraps up over a glass of local wine...served up with a quick crash course in the grapes and wine styles of the famous Côtes du Rhône. 

Along the way you'll get a taste of the rich history of this cobblestoned village ...and a glimpse into real local life from your charming and knowledgable guide. The tour ends around 12:30 and we'll happily recommend a restaurant for lunch.

Our Foodie Tuesday Tour costs 70€ per person for adults, 50€ for ages 12 to 18 and 30€ for kids 6 to 12. Kids under 6 are welcome to join the party free, as long as they're fearless and willing to taste! Available year round.

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Lavender or Violette Chocolate.....

Provencal Lavender Honey

Want to learn more about 'Biscuits'

Creamy Honey

All about Olive Oil

Which and "How to choose" French Cheeses

And My favorite "Calissons". Meaning'What are those cuddles"

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