Saturday, June 11, 2016

Vasarely Exhibition in Gordes Summer 2016

I was waiting for it, for the reason that the castle in Gordes was closed for visit while I was touring there.
I was in Gordes for the opening on June 2nd of the new Victor Vasarely exhibition and was not disapointed.

Victor Vasarely discovered Gordes in 1948 and found in love immediatelly as we all do. He opened a "didacted museum" in the Castle of Gordes in 1970. The Museum just closed prior to his death in 1997 but the town kept a close link with the artist and are thinking about a permanent collection back in the castle.

The current exhibition last until October 2nd
Opening time 10 to 12.30 and 1.30 to 6pm
Entrance fee 7 €

Amongst the numerous pieces exhibited, you can admire 5 tapestries from Aubusson, pictures about the artists, sculptures and numerous drawings and painting.

If you don't know Vasarely, this is the perfect opportunity.
If you don't like Vasarely, just go in for the Renaissance Chimney on the grand first floor room and the beauty of one the nicest Castle in Provence 

What else to say other than "enjoy"...

The First floor room with its gigantic Renaissance chimney


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