Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Foodie & History tour of Saint Rémy

Our popular foodie tours are still running....

Join us to discover Saint Remy through a different angle... Food tasting and History!!!

Follow me in the hidden corners of Saint Remy and discover our fantastic local products!

I will take you to on a tasting journey with the stories behind and fun...

- Understand how our Chocolatier is working and sample some of his 32 chocolates (Caramel & salted butter, Lavender, Rose, Seshuan pepper, Rosemary... you decide which you want),

- Learn about the history of our "Pâtisserie" and cookies. Taste the 14th C "Little Albert heart" a simple "biscuit" with saffron or try the "Ginger heart" (17th C recipe from Russia),

- Know how to choose your Calisson and I'll tell you where the name comes from,

- What is the Nougat ?,

- Learn all about "Fruits confits" (candied fruits) with our local producer whose company was founded in 1866,

- Sip a bit of 5 different Olive oils from our local mill producing AOC oil Les Baux de Provence,

- Bring back some of our wonderful local jams (some with Olive) or tapenade and spreads (tomatoes, artichoke, eggplant...),

- Our tour will end up in the vaulted cellar at Monique's fabulous cheese shop over a glass of local red wine and the discovery of some of our famous French stinky cheeses....

And of course a bit of Saint Rémy history....

Tours every Tuesday morning
Other day on request
9.30 to 12ish
75 € per person incl all tasting.

Reserve here


Home made jams

Sampling the "Désiré"

Calissons and Nougat

Rosemary Chocolate for tasting

Fruits confits of Saint Remy

Yummy yummy

Olive oil tasting

Olivades (tapenades with no anchovy) and more

Cheese journey !

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