Saturday, May 25, 2013

Arles Market on May 25th 2013

Despite the weather forecast which was pretty bad, we had a nice day in Arles with M & J.

Arles' market on Saturday morning is probably one of the biggest in the region.
There you'll be able to find anything you want and surely anything you dont need. The food stalls are so numerous it is hard to decide which to buy from. If you are renting a house, you'll find plenty of cooked dishes to bring back home for your dinner : roasted chicken, paella, falafel, Tellines (local small shell-fish), vietnamese food and more.

Be ready to spend a few hours on the market as it is so big.

A few tips :
- Try to get early : 9am is a perfect time, 11am is the "rush hour" and it will be hard to make your way through,
- Allow time for finding a parking slot. When coming from Avignon or St Remy, try to park as you see the  city walls at the big round about with the fountain in the middle. there are more spaces here. Dont hesitate to drive through the city gate. You might find a spot on the street on your right (but dont forget to take a ticket at the meter),
- Bring a basket or a rock-sack along, you are most likely to buy stuff,
- The fish mongers part (worth seeing) is located by the tourist office,
- The F & V "bargain corner" is also close to the tourist office.
- Avoid the Cheese stalls with no fridge, those are usually rip-off. Cheese prices should always be under 25€ per kilo (with exception).

And dont forget to enjoy yourself....

May is the berries season

Cooked Tellines from Camargue

Well deserved Light Lunch with Tartines at the Comptoir.

And of course a visit of stunning Arles

 Extract from the "Portail" of Ste Trophime church

A "Marie" looking toward the Antique theatre (not the arena)

The Town hall

 Want fresh eggs in your garden ?

Or fancy a Peter rabbit

You can certainly find anything you dont need 
But that was the last one!!!

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