Sunday, November 9, 2014

15 Centuries of Saint Remy History in one place THE HOTEL DE SADE

The Hôtel de Sade, located in the very centre of the old village represents much more than a wonderful Renaissance house.

It is indeed located at the birth place of the village and has been remolded over the past centuries, showing now a jigsaw of remnants from the IVth Century to our present days.

When the Roman village of Glanum was left around 260 after the Barbarian invasions, the locals decided to rebuild a new village down in the valley, where the village stands now.

A Roman Spa House was firstly built (see from point G)

Then the first Church of St Remy Saint Pierre was built (point H)

The Penitents Noirs then built their convent with church (point A)

The Saint Pierre church was converted during the medieval time into a Tax House where items collected where stored on 3 levels (point C)

In the XVIth Century the Grand Hôtel de Sade was then built. The Sade were linked to the (in)famous Marquis de Sade by their ancester Laure de Sade in the XIIIth Century. (point D & E)

The Hôtel de Sade was converted into a museum to store and display items found on the Roman ruins of Glanum but is now closed for refurbishment. Part of it should reopen in the near future, maybe during 2015.

The Hôtel de Sade, one pure jewel of our patrimony can be admired from the Rue du Parage  and from the lovely Place Favier.

Do not miss point G & H who are not clearly signposted from the square.

 For more information, join me on one of my Saint Remy village guided tour.

Point A The Chapelle des Penitents Noirs  (1566 to 1791). The roof collapsed in 1897.

Point B. The Saint Pierre Church converted into a 3 storey Tax House in the medieval time

Point C. Continuation of the Tax House in the former Saint Pierre Church.

Point D. The Hôtel de Sade to your left. Place Favier in the back ground.

Point E. Hôtel de Sade to your right

Point F. The Tower of the Hôtel de Sade

Point F. Detail of the Tower.

Point G. The Saint Pierre Church From the South side. Roman ruins in the centre.

Point G. Roman "Hypocauste" or Heating system for the Roman Spa House.

Point H. Saint Pierre Church built on the roman Spa House.

Point H. Saint Pierre Church and Hôtel de Sade in the background.

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