Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cats in Provence : one on my passion

You will clearly understand now that I love cats and it is true that you are most likely to find a wandering cat when visiting the quaint villages of Provence.

When this happens to me, I just cant resist grabbing my camera and I took the following pictures over the season.

Not much to add really.


In Cassis

Spying in St Remy de Provence

Time for Lunch

Lazing in Seguret

Watching out on Mama's shop in St Remy de Provence

Looking around for food in Roussillon

Do I know you ?

The Postman of Coustellet should be worried

Under a chair in a Roussillon Café

Welcome to Oppedes le Vieux

Hiding in Coustellet

Too sunny in Provence

Waiting by the Church of Roussillon

Cool cat in Provence

Where are you ????

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