Sunday, March 22, 2015

Celebrating Van Gogh... La suite...

Fun and busy week on my side !
On Fiday I was in Mons (Culture Capital for 2015) attending a meeting with our partners of  Van Gogh Europe (site in maintenance, should reopen any days from now).

I had the chance to visit the great exhibition "Van Gogh in the Borinage", with nearly 90 works from Vincent (drawing, painting, etc) and including some of the Saint Remy ones....
The exhibition is split by theme around Van Gogh's work (people, reproduction, men at work, etc) and I found it most interesting.
Exhibition last until May 17th.
For more details

And on Saturday morning I was back to my Saint Remy attending the opening of the exhibition "In the foot steps of Van Gogh".
Much smaller but so nice and revigorating.
Organised by our local art "association" La cour des Arts with the University of Arts of Avignon, the project involved 7 students.
The timing was split in 4 weeks. One weeks of hike in the steps of Van Gogh from Avignon to Arles, les Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer and Saint Remy taking photos, making skectches, meeting people, experiencing the scenery and the landscape. The second week with a writer to compose text with a professional writer. And then they compiled a nice exhibition mixing skectches, video, drawing,etc...
Exhibition is on until April 7th.
Free entrance
La cour des arts - 13 Rue Michelet - Saint Remy de Provence

Van Gogh in the Borinage  - Mons 2015

In the foot steps of Van Gogh - Saint Remy de Provence

Ok, it is silly but I couldnt resist.... Loved the project. Van Gogh Room in Arles with Philippe

In the foot step on Van Gogh - La Cour des Arts Saint Remy

Saint Remy last wednesday morning

Montmajour Abbey

Guess this is the Arles cloister where Van Gogh was following his treatment.

Saint Remy streets are still getting a beauty treatment to welcome you.

La Cour des Arts - located in the former Chapel of the Blue Penitent.

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