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Saint Remy de Provence 2015 What's new....

As we say in French Spring is pointing its nose.....

Almond trees were in bloom last week and we now can see the apple trees blossoming.... Soon the region will all be pink!

We can also see the season is coming with the reopening and the new attraction for the coming season.

Festivities started on Thursday March 5th with the opening of the Carrières de lumières (located in nearby Les Baux de Provence).
I've tried for years to explain what to expect when going to Carrières de lumières and never succeeded. All I know is that all the people I took there were amazed when leaving the place.
Picture this : You walk into an enclosed former limestone quarry.

- 5 000 m² (about 54 000 sq ft) total
- 14meters high  ceilings (46 ft),
- Projection on 7 000m² (75 000 sq ft) on walls, ceilings and floor.
- 100 videoprojectors

Once there, you are literally "walking in the picture" but mostly trying a unique and brand new experience.
The theme change every year and exhibition will go from Early March to Early January.
This year's theme is around the Italian Renaissance with Michel Ange, Léonard de Vinci and Raphaël.

More on info on the Carrières de Lumières site
Photos of the opening night bellow
Tips :
- You can walk in when you want,
- Dont forget to bring a sweater as it is always far cooler than the outside (in the 70s max in mid summer), come to the worth, you can always buy a blanket from the till,
- Do visit the outside part of the quarry (large corridor to your left) That's where the restrooms are,
- Go early morning to avoid the crowd.

Saturday March 7th  was the opening night of our Saint Remy Musée Estrine

Our brand new Musée Estrine also known as the "Van Gogh Centre" who reopened last year after 24 months of remodelling just reveiled its new exhibition VUES.
Part of the program "VAN GOGH 2015" comemorating Vincent Van Gogh 125th death anniversary, the show is dedicated to painting about our Alpilles moutain range seen by painters of the 20th Century.
Whether from local kids or reknown artists, the museum covers a wide range of approach of the nature discovered and made famous by Van Gogh.

More information on Musée Estrine
Photos of the opening night bellow.
From March 7th to May 24th.

Soon to reopen : The Hôtel de Sade
After being closed for 10 years the Hotel de Sade is about to reopen next June (21st to be confirmed).
Most magnificient Mansion, built on the very birth place of the modern village of St Remy, the visit will take you through a journey in time:
- The Renaissance building,
- The roman ruins of the former spa (heating system),
- The ruins of the Saint Pierre Church, our local church in the middle ages.

More info about Hôtel de Sade (site not yet functionning on March 14th 2015)
or on my previous post
Tickets will not be available on site but will need to be bought from the Tourist Office, the Musée des Alpilles or The roman site of Glanum

Almond Tree Saint Remy de Provence
Sunday March 8th

Les Carrières de Lumières - Les Baux de Provence
The Quarries of light in Les Baux

The outside part

One of the producer of this year's program

Musee Estrine 
Opening night of "VUES" 
Saturday March 7th

The main stair case.

Ground floor Gallery

First floor Gallery

Van Gogh seen by Saint Remy school kids

Work from Mario Prassinos

The Van Gogh Interpretation Centre.


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