Friday, November 27, 2015

May in Provence

Warmer and longer days when we are able to start dining outside....
The scenery is still green and coloured with all the blooming flowers.

However you need to know that May can be busier than June for the fact of the French bank holidays week end.

However, in 2016, 2 BH are what we call "business owner Bank Holidays" as May 1st and May 8th fall on a Sunday...
Thursday May 5th 2016 will be "Ascension" (celebrating the elevation of Jesus 40 days after his death)

And Monday May 16th will be "Pentecôte" (celebrating the arrival of the holy spirit 50 days after Easter Sunday).

Those 2 Bank Holidays are huge and busy in Saint Remy.
Pentecôte being the busiest and def worth a visit to experience the "Transhumance". The tradition wants that our sheeps are walked to the alps on that day (for the fact that the dry season is arriving and grass will be scarce to feed the cattle).
Over 3 000 sheeps are gathered in St Remy and participate in a procession 3 times around our circle.
A market also celebrates our sheeps and goats. Some locals are dressed as in the old time and the atmosphere is quiet festive.

The Transhumance in St Remy 2015



May Scenery in Provence

Poppies field near Menerbes

Lavender in May in the Luberon

Cherries in Provence inMay

The quaint village of Roussillon

Olive tree blossoming

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