Friday, March 25, 2016

Saint Remy de Provence : What's new 2016

Easter 2016, Saint Remy is alive again...

After a relaxing winter, recharging my batteries, I am now ready for the new season and will share some of my new finds with you….
Easter week end is traditionally the season  kick off !!!!
All hotels and shops are reopening and the city is as busy as in August.

Obviously our favourite Chocolatier (chocolate maker) is offering a marvellous selection of Hens, Bells, Fishes or Bunny in all kind of chocolate…
I had the chance to visit his workshop while organising our visit for “France Off the Beaten Path” guests in 2016.
Pictures the overwhelming smell of chocolate and being surrounded by chocolate, in all colours, melted, hard, ready to eat or not…..
I felt like Alice in wonderland……


Joel and his team preparing Easter Chocolate...


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