Sunday, March 5, 2017

2017 Van Gogh exhibition in Arles Fondation

I know spring on its way for the buds on my rose trees and the invitations to Museum opening.

That was the case on last Friday when I got the chance to discover 2 new exhibitions on the same day.

The Fondation Van Gogh in Arles just opened its new exhibition combining the works of Van Gogh and his influences on the work of Alice Neel.

The Van Gogh part shows 8 paintings, mostly from the E.G. Bürhle Collection in Zurich, from his early stage to the last part of this life.
I was thrilled to see that 3 out of the 8 paintings were from the Saint Remy time...

Alice Neel (1900-1984) was a New Yorker artist who specialised in Portrait "sans concession". The exhibition shows 71 of her portrait and shows us the influence of Van Gogh on her work.

Allow a couple of hours to discover this magic place (former National Banque de France).

Fondation Van Gogh
35 ter rue du Docteur Fanton
13200 Arles
(closeby to the Forum square)
Every day 9am to 7pm as from April 1st
Last entrance 6.45
This exhibition will run until September 17th 2017

Entrance 9 €.
For Saint Remy visitor, a pass including Musée Estrine in Saint Remy is available at 12 €.

Entrance of the Van Gogh Fondation in Arles

Peasant woman head 1885 Nuenen (NL), the early stage (Bürhle Fondation Zurich)

Olive Orchard Saint Remy 1889 (Private collection)

The Weeders Saint Remy 1890 (Bürhle Fondation Zurich)

Entrance to the quarry, Saint Remy July 1889 (Van Gogh Fondation Amsterdam).

Gerard Malanga 1969

Margaret Evans Pregnant 1978

Joe Gould 1933


  1. Philippe, so there are eight original Van Gogh paintings in this new show? There aren't a lot of them around Provence and it's always great to see them when they show up! Turns out the Van Gogh I bought this weekend at the brocante is probably not real...xx

  2. Indeed 8 Van Gogh original paintings in this exhibition. With the permanent one in Avignon that'll make 9 this year in Provence. I'll call the Fondation in Amsterdam to check on yours.... :)