Sunday, March 19, 2017

Exhibition Paul Rebeyrolle at Musée Estrine Saint Remy de Provence 2017

Yesterday was the opening of the new exhibition at Musée Estrine in Saint Rémy.

Curator Elisa Farran was so happy to share Paul Rebeyrolle's work since it was on her bucket list since she joined the museum 10 years ago and today her dream comes true.

Reknown artist of the second half of the 20th Century, Paul Rebeyrolle who was considered as one of the major painter by philosophes such as Jean Paul Sartre  and Michel Foucault, revived the figurative painting after WWII.

Adept of the realism, Rebeyrolle added organic element such as straw, gravel, wood in his painting and the wild life plays a major role in his work.

The exhibition, running until July 23rd, features a large number of animal painting coming mostly from private collections.

If you like Bacon, you should like Rebeyrolle.

The first floor permanent exhibition is this year arranged around colour and emotion in painting.

Musée Estrine  
open everyday but Monday from 10am to 6pm (closed from noon to 2pm in April and Oct)
Entrance fee 7€
Joined ticket with the Van Gogh Fondation in Arles 12€
Audio guides can be rented from the desk for the  Van Gogh Interpretration Centre

Some history about the Musée Estrine 

Opening Day on March 18th 2017 Musée Estrine

Paul Rebeyrolle

Right : The daughter of the artist

View of a room of the permanent exhibition on the First Floor

"Three themes" 1934 by Saint Remy Artist Albert Gleizes

"Alicante" 2001, Thomas Fougeirol

"Eight bottle" 2000, Michel Potage

"Tryptic with no title" 2009,  Annabelle Milon

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