Thursday, April 13, 2017

A day in Camargue: Discovering the wild life and nature

Camargue is the name of the area formed by the Rhone river delta starting in Arles when the Rhône river divides in two (small Rhône on the west, large Rhône on the east).

Known as the kingdom of bulls and white Camargue horses, it is also the home of Pink Flamingoes spending summer in the salty ponds. Luckily for us, some lazy flamingoes decided that the place was rather nice and settled all year long.

Camargue is also know in France for its salt and its rice.

The little roads of Camargue may be full of surprises and offer many "nature" activities.

If your timing is short, you may prefer the short version of Camargue.

Drive to Arles, follow the sign to Les Saintes Maries de la mer and a few kilometres after Arles, follow the sign to Le Sambuc.

Along the road, you will see :
- The quaint hamlet of Salin de Giraud with its cute little houses built to host the workers of the Salines,
- Manades (i.e. ranches) where you can do horseback riding and learn all about the bulls,
- A couple of winery,
- The salt mountain of the Salines (this salt being used for industries and road),
- Pink flamingoes and swans,
- And end up on the fantastic miles long beach of Piemanson.

Driving back from Piemanson (this is a Cul de Sac road) to Saint Remy will take you about 1h15.

Wild White Camargue horses

All year Pink Flamingoes settlement in Camargue

Bois flotté in Camargue

Salt mountain near Salin de Giraud

Plagge de Piemanason

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