Saturday, April 29, 2017

More about Chateauneuf du pape !

As you understood from my former post, organising your day in Chateauneuf can prove a bit challenging..

Just back from a "in depht" 3 days tour in Chateauneuf we organised for wine lovers, here are some more information about Chateauneuf.

All the 300 wineries of Chateauneuf will do a different wine from one another for many reasons such as :

- The type of blend the use. For the red, GSM is the most common for the red (Grenache, Syrrah & Mourvedre) but you can find a chateauneuf 100% Grenache (pending on the year) to a 13 grapes wine.
- The type of the terroir (rocky, sandy, clay),
- The location and exposition of the plot,
- The lenght of the fermentation, with or without steam, the control of the temperature,
- The fermentation by monogrape or by blend or even by plot,
- The way of aging the wine in concrete tank, wood casks, wood barrels, etc,
- And of course the age of the vine!

All wine will of course be different from one year to another, according to the weather...

And now off the process of making wine.

Will try to do a separate post on each of the fabulous estate that welcomed us and shared their knowledge with passion.

The press (Old and new)
Old press style used at Domaine Bois de Boursan

Press at Chateau Vaudieu

2 - The Fermentation steel tank or concrete tank
Domaine de Beaurenard

Domaine Jean Royer

3 - Aging the wine
Concrete Domaine Jean Royer

New Oak barrels Domaine Jean Royer

Casks and Barrel at Domaine Pegaud

60 yrs old cask at Domaine Pegaud

The new "egg style" Domaine Pegaud

The new "Tulip" in concrete Chateau Vaudieu from the top

Tulip in concrete

Concrete tank at Domaine L'Abbedine

Casks from Domaine Beaurenard

Aging cellar at Domaine Beaurenard

Training the next generation at Domaine L'abbedine...

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