Sunday, March 3, 2013

Direct flight New York JFK to Marseille. ENFIN !

At long last a company is offering direct flights from NY JFK to Marseille Provence Airport.
Low cost company XL Airways will be offering a twice weekly direct flight as from May 31st to Oct 25th, 2013.

From New York (journey time 7h35):
Wednesday 3.30pm
Sunday 11.55 pm
From Marseille (journey time 8h50)
Wednesday 10.30 am
Friday 6.55 pm
On Airbus A330 (From what I understand, the plane used should have seats in the Galaxy class, which I would recommend to book, but I couldn't those tariffs)
Round trip ticket between 500€ to 1 150€

I used this company a few years ago and have to admit that it was not my favorite one. The seat were rather small (and I am what you would call a skinny person), the food was appaling (think of bringing your sandwich) and staff was not always as nice as you would expect.
In the past they were charging for head sets (but they stopped) and were collecting the blankets prior landing in order to make sure none were stollen (I understand, that can happen).

However this is the only direct link we have on offer and that save you the change in Charles de Gaulle airport.

Beware of the one luggage max 20kg policy. Each kilos extra is charged (I would say around 12€ per kilo).

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