Friday, March 1, 2013

Time for a break in Provence - Massage and Well being at "Le Temps d'une parenthèse"

Former Tennis teacher and Reiki master, Philippe Chasson, a most friendly and energetic chap, opened his spa house, Le temps d'une parenthèse (time for a break)  in 2006 and offers today much more than a spa. 
Tucked away in one of our tiny (and so cute) street of St Remy de Provence (see for yourself), Le temps d’une parenthèse welcomes you 7 days a week and has a full menu for you.

This cute little house (the iceberg of the company “coaching and well being”) is an exquisite spa on 3 levels in this traditional Provencal village house.
On the ground floor, the desk and the shop where you can buy the Sultane de Saba beauty products (paraben free) which are used for treatment.
On the first floor, the 2 massage & beauty treatment rooms, the Jacuzzi and the hammam.
On the second floor the sporty and coaching room (The équilibre room).
On the top level the “zen” room is the Therapeutic room "The letting go and soft therapies room" were different kind of therapy, such as osteopathy, posturology, reflexology, vibration therapy, yoga or homeopathy can be arranged.
The atmosphere is soothing, incredibly quiet and peaceful. Candles, relaxing (but not irritating) music, etc

Coaching & bien-être (the name of the company) also offers many other alternatives such as:
-       Beauty treatment, body care, hand & foot care (French manicure…..), depilation.
-       Personal training: power plate, pilates, gentle gym, streching, reiki.
-      Tennis lesson/training, Yoga.
-       For outdoor fan, discover the Apilles with a Nordic walk (equipment provided).
Those treatment can be arranged at your hotel or your house at your leisure. Should you have any special request, Philippe Chasson will be happy to arrange it for you. 

A 30mn massage starts at 40€. The “Golden break” (one hour relaxing massage & a one hour face treatment with gold’s particles cream) is at 139€. French manicure as from 10€.
All services are available at your hotel.
If renting a house, you can hire a coach by the hour for Gym, Aqua gym in your swimming pool, massage, beauty treatment, sport lessons, well being training, coaching…. 
Well you name it, Philippe will adapt.

Philippe Chasson now works with a team of  8 masseurs (6 women and 2 men), is open 7/7, is very flexible and can always be joined by phone (so you won’t need to wait for hours to know if a booking is possible or not…).

On top of that, he can arrange day’s activity for kids, such as “Char à voile” (sand yacht), karting, stand-up and paddle…..
When hiring a coach for yoga, tennis, gym, aquagym, etc  70€ per hour.

 11 rue du Château
13210 Saint Remy de Provence
Tél +33 (0)4 90  94 06 11

 Welcome to Le Temps d'une parenthèse
in the gorgeous Rue du château 
Saint Remy de Provence

The first floor

The "equilibre room" on 2nd floor

The top floor atmosphere

La Sultane de Saba 

Zen Attitude in St Remy de Provence