Friday, August 23, 2013

Best Take away place in St Remy

The pleasure of renting a house is that you can buy and cook the wonderful fruits & veg and other delicious food you'll find in our wonderful market.

The downside is that you'll get to eat in restaurant everytime you dont want to cook....

Option A will be to arrange for a private chef to cook dinner for you (we can arrange this)

Option B is to choose your prepared dishes at
La Pintade Chaponnée
57, rue carnot in St Remy
04 09 94 66 65

Located in the main shopping street of St Remy, Jean Philippe and Laurent offer a wide range of cooked food, including wonderful organice grown roasted chicken.
Quiches, stuffed vegetables (petits farcis), a selection of salad... See for yourself.
You may also find some jar to bring back home together with a comprehensive range of wine and spirits.

So tuck in and enjoy.....

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  1. I've had three of their dishes so far and all were terrific. Their to-go packaging is nicely done as well.