Friday, August 9, 2013

Day trip to the Sea from Saint Remy

The sea is not far from Saint Remy and that is a cool day trip.

From Saint Remy, two options :
- The Camargues with its wild life, its horses, bulls, salt, pink flamingo and long fine sand beaches
- The Coastal ressorts east of Marseille which is where I took some of my clients a week ago.

Allow the full day.
Itinerary : follow this link

First stop in Cassis.
Driving time about 1h15mn.
Follow the sign to Cavaillon,
Take the A7 motorway towards Marseille
Follow the sign To AIX/NICE
After Aix, followt the sign to TOULON
Exit in Cassis

Before exiting the motorway, stop on the Parking lot of "Pas de l'Ouillier" for a stuning view over the Baie of Cassis

When in Cassis, follow the sign to The Casino and take the second turn at the the round about for the most convenient car park of Villa Madie only 5/10 mn walk from the city centre.

In Cassis, stroll through the little street, indulge yourself in shopping, market in the Friday morning. And do not forget to take a boat trip to the Calanque (local fjord) for a terrific "promenade sur la mer". You can visit 3, 5 or 8 Calanques. The 45mn visit of 3 calanques (15€) will give you a nice insight.

The view of the Cassis Castle

The fresh fish mongers' stall every morning on the harbour

After Cassis, we decided to have lunch in less posh and more down to earth La Ciotat.
Birthplace of the French Cinema industry, it certainly has nothing to do with Hollywood!!!
The old village is rather nice and the beaches are located on the newer part, east of the centre. La Ciotat is more of a little sea ressort where you'll get mostly to hear  French only and where local might not speak as much english as in other popular ressorts. However, I like that real French feel and the restaurants on the beach where you can find "Moules Frites".

My favorite "Guingette" by the water

The proper way to eat mussels

After Cassis, we went toward the hidden beach of Le liouquet.
Follow the sign to Bandol and watch carefully for the sign to "Le Liouquet" on your right a few miles after La Ciotat.
The beach is cute and small. Nice nudists beach under the cliff to your left when facing the sea

Then on we went to Les Lecques.
In Les Lecques we followed the sign to "La Madrague", then took the street going uphill and followed the road to the cutest and nicest hidden (but popular) beach of Port d'Alon.
Car park fee is on 8€ for the day, 5€ if you arrive after 2pm.
Little restaurant on the beach.
The beauty of the place is to walk on the cliff and find yourself a little remote spot on the cliff.

And then it was time to get back home....

Dont forget your sun screen, plenty of water, your towel and your swim suit.
Water is warmer that in the camargue but not too warm. Expect in the high 70s in the summer time.

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