Thursday, August 29, 2013

Roman wine for tasting. Mas des Tourelles

Located in Beaucaire, on the Costières de Nimes wine denomination, The Mas des Tourelles invites you to discover how wine was made during the roman times.

When the present owner starting his winery, loads of amphora bits where found on the property. The owner called archeoligists and they discovered that a winery was located on the property.
That's when he decided to re-create wine as it was made during the roman times (although "traditional wine" is also made on the property.

The visit of the small museum will explain you the different aspect of wine making in the roman time. The only difference is that nowadays wine is bottled and not kept in Amphora (life span being very limited).

The first part will take you in a XVIIth C Mas (farm house). Explanation of the wine process, spices that were used, roman objects found on the property, "roman game" play room for kids (& grown up)...

The second part will take you in the cave were wine is made. See the press, the amphora...

2013 harvest will starts on Sept 8th. 
If you go on that day, you'll see roman dressed up guys crushing the grapes...
The juices will stay for 3 weeks in the amphora prior to being bottled up.

To end up, you can of course taste the wine and bring back some. The shop is filled with local products, including a selection of roman spices and savouries made by Mireille Cherubini from Saint Remy.

Le Mas des Tourelles
4294 Route de St Gilles
30300 Beaucaire
04 66 59 19 72
Web site 
Open 7/7 from April to Oct
Visit of the museum 5.50€

The Shop at Mas des Tourelles

The Museum

Archeologic bits found on the property

The play room

The Winery

The roman press

Juice pour into the lacus

Then stored for 3 weeks in those amphora. It is "spiced" at that time


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