Friday, August 9, 2013

Lavender Museum in Provence

The Lavender Museum in Coustellet is the nearest one from St Remy and a pleasant one to visit.

During the summer, and until August 25th, all days but Saturday, the Museum offer a free distilation extraction show on its ground. The nice and english speaking guide will extract essential oil of Lavandin using a "distilateur" dating back from the early 20th C. Going from farm to farm, it was used by the farmers during that period.

You'll also get to see the difference between Lavandin (the hybrid developped in order for Lavender to grow everywhere in big bushes) and the Fine Lavender (growing wild and giving only a small stem over 800m.

Musee de la Lavande
opened 7/7
from 9 to 7pm

From St Remy
Drive time : about 40mn
Follow the sign to Cavaillon
Go through the city centre
Follow the sign to APT and GORDES
located a few miles after Robion

Allow one hour for the visit
10 mn for the distillation

The Lavender Museum in Coustellet

Lavandin on the left, Fine Lavender on the right

Put lavender in the tank filled with water on the bottom

Add more lavender until the tabk is full

Place the cover

Switch the heat on

The Vapor will go through the other tank filled with cold water. The vapor goes into a serpentin and the cold water transformed it into essential oil.

Final product arrives here

On top the essential oil (lighter) on the bottom lavender water

A serpentin

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  1. HELLO!
    I was this year, 2013, in Provence and I visited this museum.Nice, very good management, very profesional presentation...nice girl in shop.
    Only oine regret..I was more or less one week after
    the harvesting of lavande.Maybe in future I will see the land full of this incredible flowers.
    I saw exactly this boy with this alambic machine.Nice and melancholy to remember...