Monday, April 22, 2013

A Nougat class in St Remy

That's it, we did our first Nougat Class...

Aurélien the Patissier, who unfortunatelly doesn't speak english (so you might need to be escorted or practise your French prior to the course) shows you how to make the traditional Provencal Nougat.

First you get to be admitted to the Patissier "sanctuary", his tiny winy laboratory (patissier kitchen).

The class lasts for  hours where you get to weight, mix, smell, cook, taste....

When the class is over, either you come back 3 days later when Your very own Nougat dried up. Or you are given a Nougat that was previously made.

While the ingredients are mixing or warming up, you'll get to taste many of the house delicatessen, such as the different Calissons, the many kind of biscuits, whose recipes were digged in old books. The oldest one, the Coeur au Safran is a 14C recipes. At that time, you had to bake your bread in the Communal oven. When the fire was put off, locals made use of the "cooling down oven" to cook the first kind of biscuit, a way of preserving food.

Cost of a 2hrs workshop : 50€ per person
Minimun 2 persons, max 5 persons
Mail us for more info

A Nougat Class in Saint Remy de Provence

Et Voila !

Plus the other sweet you'll get to taste....

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