Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday morning in Isle sur la Sorgue

Yesterday morning, I was off to Isle Sur La Sorgue market for Linda.
Weather was gorgeous and she really enjoyed her time.
Since she was coming from Marseille, we arrived a tiny bit late around 10.30 and I didnt expect such a crowd so early in the season... It took us a good 20 mn to find a spot (and I was coming out of ideas of where to go since my "special spots" were already taken...).

Isle Sur La Sorgue (literally Island on the Sorgue river) is also known as the "Provencal Venice" since many canals meander through the village centre (prepare your camera...).

It is of course well known for its many many Antique stalls spread out in the village. I can't really give the proper number of shops.

Some other Antique dealers will join in the Sunday market which take most of the streets of the Village, making it huge.

==> Every Sunday morning from 8.30ish till 1pm
==> Take a Valium prior going as finding a parking space can be challenging
==> Dont forget to visit the "proper antiques stall" located in the buildings around the main boulevard
==> When Mass is over, just take a second to visit the church
==> Don't forget to visit the antiques stalls on the market after the Caisse d'épargne, on the main street
==> Be prepared to spend all morning there, so allow enough time

 Welcome to Isle sur la Sorgue's Village centre

"le Village des antiquaires de la gare with 100 stalls"

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