Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hiking in Saint Remy de Provence

Hiking in the Alpilles from Saint Remy de Provence is so nice.

You can get a "plan des randonnées pédestres" (i.e. Hiking map) at the tourist office for 2 euros and discover the 7 differents trails around Saint Remy.

However hiking in the Alpilles is subject to authorization from the government
- Orange : authorized all day,
- red : only from 6 to 11 am)
- black : access forbidden (mostly on windy and/or dry day).

A walk to Les Baux is about 3hrs. So back and forth and here is your day gone....

However I found a nice way of squeezing a one hour walk in the Alpilles (back and forth) in order to get a spectacular view of the village and the whole region (Avignon and the Mont Ventoux) and I love it...

See for yourself...

==> Dont forget sunscreen and plenty of water,
==> Avoid afternoon when possible,
==> And don't forget a plastic bag in order to illegally pick-up some rosemary and thym in order to bring back your own "herbes de Provence".

Starting point

A rosemary (romarain) bush in flower

Saint Remy de Provence from the sky

Hiking under Pine trees....


  1. Wow Really Cool
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  2. Great photos, trying to find out about walking trails and will be travelling to St Remy for walking in a week.