Thursday, April 18, 2013

Henri Milan Wine. One of my favorite in Saint Remy

Henri Milan is a "local" (i.e. he was born in Saint Remy) and is "mad about wine". He took over this winery which was opened in 1958 and has, for a number of years now,  been working on improving his wines, allways trying out something news.

Tucked away, just on the exit of the Village, by a canal, the plot is secluded but very accessible.

What I love is that the winery is one of the smallest in the region and you can feel the love of wine every step. Some of the plot harvested will only make about 2 000 bottles per year !

There you can walk into the "chaie", understand how wine is made, get to know the story of each of the bottle and how they were created (some of them, just by chance)....

Wine starts around 15€ and are available for sale worldwide.

Visit here can also be arranged (on appointment) during the harvest, when you could even pick up a few grapes, see the "other Henri" pouring the grapes into the pressoir... or whatever is to be done on the day. Proper wine workshop can also be arranged upon request.

What I like there :
==> The friendliness and the love of sharing
==> The cute and quiet location
==> The fact that eveything is natural there and they are producing organic wine
==> When I get to organise a picnic there after the tasting with our market purchases
==> That you can get easily to the plot of land where grapes are growing

Domaine Milan in Saint Remy de Provence
Outside view from the winery

The "Pressoir"

the juice go then under this in the
 "swimming pool under the ground"

The second stage of creating a wine

Third stage

 Aging the wine

Bottle up

Ready to ship

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