Monday, April 15, 2013

Glass Blowing in St Remy

Our sweet friend Melanie opened her shop in a hidden street last year and is now proud to show her glass blower work. Daughter of a well known couple of St Remy restaurateurs, Melanie always managed to sneak away in the winter to learn more about glass blowing and studied with many famous artists.
Now, when she's leaving the village during the winter, it is to blow the "big pieces" she does, such as the vases. She indeed needs to go to a place where the oven is large enough as she doesnt own one yet.

But when she's in the shop she's keeping herself busy doing her glass jewelry. And if you're lucky enough you'll get to see her playing with fire and melting those tiny strings of Murano glass to transform them into pieces of art.

Been there tons of time and still not bored with it, trust me...

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