Thursday, February 14, 2013

Contemporary Art in Arts : 13 locations



A network of 13 locations, united around the same idea:
Arles is a city for contemporary art too!

If one were to say to you, « Arles », you might reply: “Mistral’s winds, sun and old stones, Caesar, Van Gogh, bulls, horses, flamingos and photography … And you’d be right …
But Arles is, perhaps first and foremost, a city of today, and has a vibrant cultural life yearround (yes, even in November and February ), with a wide range of contemporary art events: exhibitions, readings and lectures, meetings with artists, and musical performances …
Numerous structures, institutions, associations and private galleries, both old and new, are dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary art. Located within the Old Center of the city, no fewer than 14 places have joined forces to create the network of Arles Contemporain, and to publish a quarterly brochure that lists the various joint initiatives of its members.

arles contemporain: Surprise yourself! Spread the word!

List of participating sites
Full program and map in French...

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