Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saint Remy de Provence : the old Village revamping....

The beauty works of St Remy are taking place now and should be over in April but it is amazing to see the many building sites in the village....
Part 2 of the street renovation is on, quite a few shops are having a lifting, several restaurants are changing owners and one of the them is totally changing the decor and last but not least, the Musee Estrine is doubling in size and works are huge!

Saint Remy de Provence is making itself beautiful and revamped for you... And I love it !!!

The streets of St Remy last week (well some of them..)

Nostradamus went to a plastic sugery doctor...
The fountain in June 2012

 And in February 2013

Talking about Nostradamus, a Tag I love 
in the old Saint Remy centre

The Musee Estrine 
A modern art gallery in an outstanding 17th Century Mansion
 with permanent and season's exhibitions
plus a space dedicated to Van Gogh's life
re-opening in November 2013 only... 
(well you would have guessed by the pics taken on Feb 22nd, 2013...)

bellow : 2012 renovation works before and after

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  1. Lynne in the New ForestJuly 24, 2013 at 5:01 PM

    We would never guess that so much work has been taking place . Reading your site is almost like living with the locals!