Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Foodies' trip

Saint Remy is obviously one of the perfect place to have a real "foodies experience" since there is so much at hand.
We do offer "Foodies' day" where you can get to visit
- The old Olive mill in operation in St Remy, see how Olive oil was done in the olde time and touch the modern machinery used nowadays. followed of course by a tasting of the 5 mains olive produced in the region,
- visit our maitre chocolatier and his unusual creation,
- Discover the nougat, the calisson and "old time recipes" biscuits at a local patissier,
- Taste some cheese of Provence and from all over France,
- Walk through one or several of our local organic winery,
- Talk to the goat at our local goat cheese farmer,
- See how honey is extracted and understand the differences in Honey,
- and more....

Days are tailor made and we can also arrange cooking classes, from the "local B&B with its fruits & vegs garden" to a one star michelin guide classes.
Patisserie workshops can also be arranged (bread, pastries or patisserie or the full monty).

Check with us at Foodies day

Our friends at our local goat cheese maker and the most friendly chicken

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