Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cooking Classes.....

We're not going the start the debate about whether the French Cuisine is the Best but however it is true that we have a few traditions in France.
Since a cooking class is an experience a lot of people want to indulge in, I've contacted my people to see who was and who could organise something fun at a reasonnable price.

My Friend Anne Marie organises cooking classes in her farmhouse B&B. The farm also hosts animals and there is a terrific rose garden (850 rose trees...). Wander through the fruits & veg garden, pick your produce with Anne Marie and then off to the kitchen... Where you'll be cooking a traditional meal (not a fancy one star michelin guide menu you wont be able to reproduce in your own kitchen). Take back your recipe home and invite your friend to a Provencal meal to share your experience.
110 € per person for 2 people, less for more thann 2 pax
All morning activity

For a sweet experience (in all senses)

Share the experience of a "sweet delicatessen" professional
Spend a couple of hours with Aurélien in his tiny winy lab (profesional kitchen in French).
Aurélien cooks old recipes' biscuits digged from old books. The Désiré (with vanilla), for example, was created by a Patissier in the early XXth century. He used to call most of his biscuits by the name of the lady he was "cruising" at that very time. Other biscuits workshops could be the cocoa and almonds or the Fleur anglaise.
A nougat cooking class can also be arranged. Nougat is one of the most traditional sweet (with almonds) in Provence.
A 2 hours class (where you'll get to bring your own production back home) :
50€ per person
Min 2 persons max 3 persons (the lab is soooo small...)
Beware that Aurélien doesnt speak much english and you might need to be escorted...

Aurélien in his kichen

A traditional Patissier "Labo" or "Lab"

Yummy biscuits digged from History

 Our traditional Nougat

A cooking class with Mr Patisserie Goldfinger....

Olivier is probably one of our best patissier around. Hence the reason why I call him Goldfinger. 
He worked in Boulangerie Patisserie and restaurants in his former life and created his own business last year only. His lab is spotless and brand new.
2 hours classes can be arranged for 
- traditional patisserie such as mille feuille, éclair au chocolat... You name it, he'll show you...
- macarons...... (no need for comment)
- Croissant, pain au chocolat or our local Sacristain (sexton) puff pastry and almonds

Workshop can be arranged in the afternoon between 1pm and 6pm
50€ per person for a 2 hours workshop
Min 2persons, max 6 persons
There again, very little english on olivier's side....

Olivier and his macarons...

For info and booking contact me

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