Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nearby St Remy : Unknown Tarascon

Just 10 miles westward of St Remy is located the village of Tarascon. A village I particularly like as not really touristy and that I often recommend.
The village's streets are nice and the heritage is wonderful. Dont expect much shops since the village is not really a touristy place.

The XVth Century Chateau is worth a visit. You need not to be scared by narrow steps ups & down but when you do get to the top you'll get a smashing view of the Village and of the "Chateau de Beaucaire" on the other side of the Rhône's bank. Located in 2 differents counties, those 2 castles were constantly spying on one another....
Exhibition might take place in the castle.
Le chateau de Tarascon

The other place not to be missed is the musee Souleiado. Located in the very centre of the village, you may discover the inside of a ancient "Hôtel Particulier" (private bourgeois mansion).
The "indiennes provencales" appear in Marseille as early as 1664. Those colourful coton fabrics became extremelly popular very quickly. Founded in 1806 in an ancient convent (converted since then into the local theatre) by Jean Jourdan, the Souleaidao factory located in Tarascon has created a particular style well knowned in France and abroad of the provencal/camargue style, still popular to these days.
The museum will give you a bette clue on how the fabric was coloured in the old time (small workshop can also be arranged) and former collections are currently on display until April 2013.
The shop opposite the museum is one of the largest in the region (with its bargain corner....). And at the far end of the shop you may also discover one of the oldest candle factory (la ciergerie).
le musée et le magasin Souleiado

Way in to Tarascon Centre

The Castle of Tarascon built in 1400

Jail cell with a view.....

Tarascon from the roof top 

The Chateau of the ennemy of Beaucaire.....

The Souleaido Museum

The "Tampons" used when colouring fabrics


A weeding dress from the collection

The candle making

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